Before installing the new full version of WeatherInfoViewer,
please make sure that ALL demo-versions are uninstalled FIRST.

Basic requirements:
An operating system (32 bit): Windows 2000 / XP or Vista.
An IBM compatible PC with Intel® Pentium III- CPU 650 MHz or better with 256MB RAM.
Other minimum requirements are stipulated by the system.



Installing WeatherInfoViewer:

WeatherInfoViewer is an additional option for your WEATHERiNFOBOX.

The original WEATHERiNFOBOX Software, which comes with the Device, MUST be installed first, incl. all necessary settings.
WeatherInfoViewer must be registered and activated via the Internet.
It is possible that the WeatherInfoViewer can be installed without Internet registartion as well. That is only reasonable if you have read the pages 5 and 6 of the User Manual before.

  • The original WEATHERiNFOBOX Software, which comes with the Device,
    MUST be installed first, incl. all necessary settings, in that way that the regular
    process of the reception is guaranteed.

  • The WEATHERiNFOBOX must be connected to the Computer,
    BEFORE you press the Install Button.

If you have your WEATHERiNFOBOX connected to the Computer und you inserting the CD-ROM the Setup Window appear and your WEATHERiNFOBOX model should be already selected in the “WEATHERiNFOBOX Selection” menu. If not check the Cable connection and choose your model manually.


  • The Setup will show you the "CD-Key" automatically. The "CD-Key" is pre-programmed on the CD and is absolutely unique. This CD key unlocks the different versions of the program. The setup will check the CD-KEY via the Internet and receives additional key codes back from the Server. It is therefore necessary that you have your computer connected to the Internet. Otherwise, you must register the Software manually (see page 5 and 6).

You can set or change the temperature unit from Fahrenheit to Celsius.

Delete Files:
You can set whether already received data should be deleted or if DEMO Data should be installed or not.

You can choose your Language here.

After you prepared everything, press the Install-button to install the Software on your Computer. The complete contents of the CD will be copied and unpacked to your Hard Disc Drive. After a successful installation you see the Message “copy ready” and a icon will appear on your Windows Desktop. After that a dialog appears and you have to register your self by Internet.

You find a entry in the Start menu as well at: [Start] [(all) Programs] [Moerer WeatherInfoViewer] with an entry:  WeatherInfoViewer and Setup. If you should ever to reinstall or update the Software via the Internet, you don’t have to insert the CD all the time. You can easily open the Setup.

Starting WeatherInfoViewer:

  • Plug your WEATHERiNFOBOX onto the USB Port of your Computer.

  • If the installation proceeds in a normal way you need a great study of the Manual.
    Otherwise you find further information in the User Manual.

After a successful installation a icon will appear on your Windows Desktop.
Double click it and the Software starts and downloading Weather information's from the WEATHERINFOBOX.